In 1985 our president and founder Raúl Rodríguez began a great challenge, creating an export company for agricultural products, as an alternative to the international market for frozen roots, tubers and tropical fruits; cassava being the star product.

This family owned business began in a small rented facility, with just 17 employees, managing to sell nearly four containers per month in its first year.

In the following years, our sales increased, which has allowed us to be among the top three exporters of our branch in Costa Rica.

Currently Productos Agropecuarios MAMIRMI S.A., has several own farms in production, as well as the supply of small and medium farmers in the country that guarantee their production, allowing continuous sale to our customers throughout the year.

36 years later, we have more than 100 employees in our processing plant and 50 in the farms as well as an important group of clients in several countries ranging from Holland, England, Canada, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands, as well as in the United States in the cities of Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, New Jersey and Washington.

As we are close to celebrating our 36th Anniversary, we thank all our clients for all the support and continuous preference during these years. Of which we are very proud, since we offer quality products, a committed service to our customers; complying with high quality standards, good manufacturing practices and safety, since we have the BASC Alliance for Safe Commerce Certification. At the same time, we comply with our social responsibility in our community and with all labor laws to protect our workers.